Swiss watch prices caused by Rolex shock

If he is wearing a Rolex, do not ask, this person is not low price of Swiss Rolex watches, is definitely a sudden household. If wearing a Longines, he must be a scholar. This may be complete, but I still agree with his point of view, because this is closely with me from the surrounding view of the phenomenon is quite consistent.

On the swiss replica watches the same view as our "image memory" related

A collection of friends to do a collection of watches have been so for me (Wang Er Song, columnist, mainly concerned about luxury and financial issues), said: "From a single person wearing a table, you can probably determine his identity. He wore the Rolex, do not ask, this person is not a low price of the Swiss Rolex watch, is certainly a sudden household, if wearing a Longines, he must be a scholar. "These words may be complete, but I still agree with his Point of view, because it is closely with me from the surrounding view of the phenomenon quite consistent.

However, when he pulled out from the bag a few years ago, when Rolex womens watch, see this Swiss Rolex watch prices, but immediately make my eyes light up. This is a flower of a plant material of gold female table, the dial is very large, disk embossed, blue just pointer, demure reveals the simple. I absolutely no way to imagine, replica watches uk had such a temperament to the watch, but there is no way this piece of the brain and now in the brain of the price of Swiss watches linked to Rolex. Swiss Rolex watch price was the only thing the Chinese people know the luxury items

But the friend has told me that this is not the most beautiful Rolex watches, in his view, the mid-20th century Rolex launched the "very accurate" price of the Swiss Rolex watches, it is the most beautiful under the watch.

On the Rolex table, even to the "beauty" to describe, which I still hear for the first time. And when he talked about Rolex to support sports, especially the cause of the mountain has always been generous, it is advocating the feeling beyond words and expressions. Let us look at his hands to see the price of this piece of Swiss Rolex watches

For the same brand would have such a bipolar reputation, this is really a strange thing.

In fact, the views of the outside world and their own nature often superficial height difference, this state is also where there are many blame not blame. But I want to explore is, in the end is what the goods around us a "outside", so that we have a brand or company formed their own views?

This reminds me of a previously joined Dunhill promotional activities. Activities in the 798 Art District in Beijing, is the theme of the cavalry trip, the event is a symbol of fire and spit out the flame grows mechanical monsters. Guests just a sudden car, there are black men rushed to the front of the spitfire stunt.

Several Harley heavy-duty locomotives parked in the yard distributed bursting motor rang, black pig iron staircase on the three groups of two young men standing in a group, wearing a tight waist children corduroy suit or velvet hunting equipment, also Invited famous rock singers add to the show ... ... so so, as if to change Dunhill's old school image, out of a youth line.

The arrangement can not be said to be not innovative, its proposal can not say no young. But somehow, is to let people feel less now some of the middle of the party that mad child, the presence of as if a kind of invisible items in the infection of everyone, so that everyone is elegant body, softly, and the organizers Exhausted mind to build out of the hot atmosphere is absolutely not up.

When I saw the model all over and down that match elegant, introverted style, calm tone of dress, see the invitation on the British motorists years ago silhouette of the cavalry, I saw that several heavy-duty locomotive owners are 50 years old old master, I finally know where the invisible items come from.

It comes from our memories, from our memories of the past image of Dunhill, we Dunhill traditional British image of memory is too violent! Is this "image memory" has formed our consistent view of it, although this is not Dunhill seeking facts.

On the Swiss Rolex watches the same view as our "image memory" related.

In the Swiss table is not the top position of the Rolex, but in China has the supreme visibility, which we have experienced side by side history related. In the era of poor and closed 20 years sixties and seventies, the Swiss Rolex watch prices were the only thing the Chinese know the luxury of children, it has become our hypothetical "decadent survival of capitalism," the only reference system, and we are the only Western world Even gas children contact.

On the "Jinlao" all sorts of legendary stories are addictive, difficult to distinguish between true and false in the unofficial transfer, which is almost now more than 40 years old Chinese men's side by side memories. For this generation, "Rolex" is no longer a naive brand is a watch, but all the representatives of luxury goods is a symbol of luxury, this is our Rolex "image memory."

However, this memory is actually some illusion, the lack of specific internal real meaning, because that time few people have the opportunity to see the Rolex, on its various, most of the description of oral literature can not be the main point of the hypothesis.

Of course there are exceptions, my friend who play table is one of the exceptions, he was more than a year Rolex, and even earlier antique models, his memory is certainly not unreal. However, why is his reputation for the old and new Rolex so bipolar? And we have seen only those who sell new people and why he is exactly the same?

Let us look at the hands of this piece of Swiss Rolex watch prices. This is Rolex in 1912 to do the table, when Rolex was less than 10 years to build factories, not yet moved from London to Geneva.

The watch is also in the transition from the watch to the watch era, so this table also has a hanging table remnants of the dial is too large, the back cover can be open, can see the movement of the movement. Fancy to it as if more like a male form, because this format in the later female table in the few, generally feel that women do not like large size, the machine is not interested, but it is a plant flowers Gold material and dial design and make it full of female flavor.

Until recent years, large dial and hollow design of the female table before proceeding to become a kind of fashion at that time. Even with today's eyes, this watch is also a little child is not OUT 羭 Jin, but it is Rolex early 95 products!

This antique models of Rolex, in my friend's collection of non-stop piece, all the default elegance, quality is good. Logically, these tables should let him sprout excellent "image memory", but why he would like the beginning of this article as the name of today's Rolex it?

He pointed to this piece of a plant flower gold female table covered with carved digital told me that this watch number is more than 6000, which is basically the year Rolex watches factory's annual output, and now a table Rolex annual output Is 100 million! "One million a year to do the table, you can watch it?"

So many old rolex replica had seen him so much the case, let alone those of us who have only seen the new Rolex. Now we are going to see Rolex is not difficult, along with the Chinese people slowly step by step wealthy, Rolex stores and billboards have been seen around, we can finally prove that all of a sudden that was illusory "image memory "The.

But this time the Rolex has become a "labor one million", no longer rumors of the soft shadow of the year, confirms the final result of natural let us feel very split, because it almost became "vulgar" the name of the representative of the word.

But in my opinion, today's Rolex get such a reputation, as if not injustice.